PBS Software

The PBS portal (Preservation and Backup System portal) offers a range of features to enhance data management and employee profiles

Key features of the PBS portal

These features aim to streamline document management, improve employee information accessibility, and provide valuable insights for effective decision-making within the company.

Expiry Notifications

The portal provides notifications for document and contract expirations, ensuring that important deadlines are not missed.

Grace Period

In addition to expiry notifications, the portal may offer a grace period feature, allowing users to take necessary actions before documents or contracts expire.

Expiring This Week and Month

The portal can display a list of documents or contracts that are expiring within the current week or month, enabling users to prioritize their actions accordingly.

Employee Profiles

The PBS portal includes comprehensive employee profiles, containing information such as personal details, job titles, departments, contact information, and other relevant data.

Graphical Presentation

The portal may provide graphical representations of data, allowing users to visualize trends, patterns, and statistics related to employee profiles, document expirations, or other relevant metrics.

Complete Documents

The portal stores and provides access to complete documents related to employees and the company. This can include employment contracts, performance reviews, training materials, and other relevant files.

Individual Company Reports

The PBS portal enables the generation of separate company reports, providing comprehensive insights into various aspects of the organization. These reports may include employee performance, operational metrics, and more.

Combined Company Reports

In addition to separate reports, the portal may offer a feature to compile all company reports into a single comprehensive report, facilitating a holistic view of the organization.